Thursday, June 27, 2013


History was made yesterday when DOMA was struck down and the Supreme Court ruled that the Prop 8 case did not have standing; therefore the court of appeals ruling stands.

Living in California this was a BIG DEAL for me and my family. Wifey and I did not get married the first time when they were issuing marriage certificates. But this time we are getting married. We are just waiting for the go ahead. We will not have a wedding but I do not need that. I need equality and the right to marry the woman I love. 

Yesterday was a historic day and a step towards equality for all. I hope we will all have the same rights very soon!!! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Modified Bed Rest

We are still in the early part of this pregnancy and it has been a wild roller coaster. After Fridays scare we had an appointment with our nurse practitioner (NP) Monday. Our little peanut looked good on the ultrasound and she was not sure why we bleed. The NP put me off work for the week to rest.

After the appointment we had to go to member services to get my FMLA paperwork done. Then we ran some errands. I was on my feet more than I had been all weekend. Well around 9:30. I felt a gush and ran to the bathroom. I bleed through my panty liner and underwear. The blood was coming so fast I felt I could not get off the toilet. I called the advice nurse and they told me to go to the ER. When we got there we were quickly taken back. Less than 30 minutes later we saw the little peanut on the ultrasound and it was moving and the heart was beating. The ER doctor could not figure out why I was bleeding. I was sent home to rest.

We decided to do bed rest and yesterday went well barely any spotting only when I wiped did I see brownish/red blood. I also emailed my NP to let her know what was going on. She emailed me back today and agreed that I need to be on modified bed rest and we will reevaluate at the end of the week. So for the week I am home and on the couch. It's boring but I will do whatever it takes to keep this baby safe.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Scariest Day

Yesterday was the scariest day of my life so far!! Well, since my last post the bleeding had stopped and then Tuesday morning it came back. So we went back to the doctors and the baby was fine but they were not sure why I was spotting. So since Tuesday I have been having brownish reddish discharge and tissue appeared in the toilet. 

Friday it seemed the discharge had stopped and I was going out of town (3 hours north) for work. I had noticed a pin drop of blood on my panty liner in the morning but thought nothing of it. We got to our destination early and decided to have lunch; went to the bathroom before and all was good. When we were getting ready to leave I felt pressure and then I stood up and felt something between my legs. Ran to the bathroom and bright red blood was soaking my underwear and was all over the toilet. I was so scared because there was so much blood. I told my boss and then called wifey. My coworkers found an emergency room which was difficult because I have kaiser and was scared about a bill. I have only been once to an emergency room that I can remember and it was so quick. Well this visit was not quick. I checked in waited and hour to see the triage nurse and then 2.5 hours later was finally taken back after bleeding through my pants. I was so scared and alone. The doctor came in and talked to me; he ordered some lab work and an ultrasound. 15 min later the ultrasound tech was in the room looking for the baby. She did not turn the screen towards me. She kept moving and pushing the handle around. After 5 min I asked if she saw the baby and she said yes and I asked if she saw a heartbeat; she said yes. It was a huge relief. But why was I bleeding and why so much. The baby measured on time and its heart rate was 167. She said the baby looked good but could not find why I was bleeding. The ultrasound was a little cloudy because I was constipated. The tech also said my cervix was closed and measured 3.6 cm. The tech noted that my placenta is sitting low close to my cervix. The doctor finally came in an hour later and performed a visual exam. He also said my cervix was closed but he saw a lot of tissue on my uterus (I think) and was not sure why I was bleeding. He was very concerned and thought I should see a high risk doctor. The tech and doctor gave me a great exam and after 5 hours was finally being discharged wearing blue scrubs and a silky gray and yellow shirt... new fashion statement?? My coworkers brought me home. The wifey did not come and get me because she worked all night and she did not know where I was. 
Since yesterday I've only had blood (brownish red) when I wipe but lots of tissue. I am taking it easy this weekend and I tried to get an appointment with a doctor but no luck with Kaiser. I do have an appointment with the nurse practitioner I've been seeing. We need to find out why I keep spotting and keep passing tissue. Plus why did I have the big bleeding. I notice when I do more activity... Like work and walk around the spitting is worse.
Needless to say it was very scary and I felt so bad for my coworkers. I am glad that this baby is hanging on and I hope it continues to stay put and bake.

Monday, June 17, 2013

12 weeks

The We made it to the 12 week mark. I've not  posted for a while because I felt like such a Debbie-downer. Being pregnant has been so much more difficult than I thought emotionally wise. I have constant anxiety and am driving my poor wifey nuts. I will try to be more positive.

On Thursday we had an appointment and silly me thought I had to drink a ton of water for my first ever belly ultrasound. About 40 min prior to leaving my bladder was killing me and I felt like I was leaking. So I went to the bathroom and there was some blood on my little panty liner and when I wiped. Well I freaked out. Freaked the wifey out too. Thank goodness we were on our way to the doctors. I cried the whole way there. I was a mess when we got there. I told the nurse assistant and once the doctor came in she immediately did the ultrasound. Again my bladder was full and uncomfortable. It took the nurse practitioner a second but she found the baby bouncing around and  wifey says she saw the heartbeat. I started to cry and asked if she was sure. Since my bladder was so full she allowed me to use the restroom and when I can back we got another look and heard the heartbeat. What a relief. The baby is still measuring behind. This time by 5 days which still worries me. The NP said everything looked fine and we continued on with the appointment.

The spotting continued and then a piece of dark red tissue passed that afternoon It was small so i know it was not the baby. plus i did not have any cramping. i had a dark red/brown discharge through Saturday morning and then it stopped. I took Friday off and rested all weekend. I hope this does not happen again.

We do not go back till the 17th of July but that's just to hear the heartbeat no picture. Kaiser does not do the big gender ultrasound till 17 or 18 weeks  but radiology hardly had any appointments we don't go ti August 6th - 19 weeks. Can't wait.

Wishing everyone baby dust!!! 

I leave you with our latest ultrasound picture!