Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Break is Over

I am a horrible blogger. During our time off I wanted to blog about my life... my wonderful wife, fur babies, family and hobbies. I did nothing. Oh well! The break was great and much needed. To my surprise it went by really quickly.

While on break wifey and I changed schedules... I work days and have weekends off. Wifey now works nights and has 2 weekdays off. Learning to balance this new schedule has been difficult. I took my furlough on a Tuesday in August and we spent a great day in San Francisco. I also got an early anniversary present... The top band to finish my ring. Wifey and I have been together for 10 wonderful years. See pictures below.

Yesterday, we had our IUI. I have no expectations and am trying to stay calm and hopeful but this has been a long road. A year ago this month we had our first IUI... I was so naive and optimistic. This road has made me stronger and reaffirm my want for a child. I know it will happen!

We did have some issues with choosing a new donor. We decided to switch donors after 3 tries (we were using the donor that I had the miscarriage with... we tried 3 more times with him). I had found a great match a few months ago but when I got my period and went to order him he only had ICI available. Kaiser RE only accepts IUI. So the hunt was in... after issues with the website we finally found one we agreed in. He was a known donor which I had originally not wanted but he was everything else we wanted except for reported pregnancies. This concerned me but I bit the bullet and took the gamble. Our donor is intelligent, likes dogs and has some Latin roots (wifey is half Mexican).

So we are in the TWW.

To leave you today... here's my fortune from my cookie a few weeks ago.