Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dogs, Acupuncture and Ovulation

Good Morning Blog World!!! Today is my Friday and I can't wait to start my 3 day weekend. I am not doing anything fun... but work has been stressful and I am looking forward to having the day off. Tomorrow I have an acupuncture appointment in the morning. I've not done acupuncture since we tried last October (IUI #2) because of the cost. But my parents so generously agreed to pay and I thought it could not hurt to try it again. I love my acupuncturist and am excited to go tomorrow. Acupuncture is almost as relaxing to me as a massage... almost!!!

Then after the appointment I am going to hang out with my grandmother who has been at my house all week watching Jake because he broke his toe a month ago and two weeks ago decided it would be fun to eat the bandaging off. So, to avoid 9 hours in a cone my grandma has been staying with him. But she is getting ready to have a hip replacement so Monday he will be alone and in a cone.

Besides this weekend potentially being the start of another TWW we are getting a foster dog. Wifey and I love German Shepherd dogs and we got both our dogs from the Greater California German Shepherd Rescue. They are always in need of foster homes and we've fostered once and failed once... so we thought we would try again. We fostered a dog back in May and he was adopted in about 3 weeks of us having him and then we went on to foster Jake in September. We had him for a month and half and after 2 adoption days and little interest we decided he was ours and we could never part with his sweet soul. I never wanted two dogs but Jake was too good to let go. So we failed on our second foster attempt. Roseville only allows homeowners to have 3 dogs and trust me I do not want 3 permanent dogs living with me. The hair is bad enough but I am willing to foster on and off. So we told the rescue we would take another dog. We were suppose to pick him up tomorrow morning but they called and said someone was coming to look at him so they would let us know after the visit in the late morning. Which actually worked out great because I was going to have to leave him right away to go to acupuncture. I am sure if he is adopted we will get a different one.

So, as I said early I've been stressed out. I am under a major deadline at work and have so much to do my head is spinning and then we are getting ready for IUI #5. I should ovulate tomorrow or Saturday. The one thing that stresses me the most with TTC is the timing. I've never charted and strictly rely on OPK's and I am not sure if that is something I should do? I know I ovulate and can get pregnant but the timing always stresses me out. So I am now using OPK and waiting for + to show I am about to ovulate.

Am I crazy or what... getting another dog this weekend, TTC and meet deadlines at work? I hope the stress does not alter my body. I am usually always stressed about TTC but I have been feeling a little more tense because of work. Well, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Sorry for rambling. I have way too many thoughts in my head.

One last thing before I go... this morning before work I was browsing Pinterest and found this darling picture. I told wifey when we have our baby I am going to have a photo like this taking. I love giraffe's and we already have one stuffed giraffe in the would be nursery waiting for our baby. How precious is this.

Pinned Image
Image via Pinterest

Thursday, March 22, 2012

You have to have faith

This journey has taught me so much. I have learned I am stronger than I ever thought, I am a private person with my true emotions... sure I cry in front of my family, but my true feelings are stored in a locked bottle deep inside me and that I am fascinated with how our bodies work. I have not learned patience. I am an instant gratification person... when I want something I want it NOW. This process has not worked like that and I tend to loose faith. I get down and wonder if this will ever happen.

Last night while watching "The Little Couple" that I recorded I was reminded how lucky I am to even be trying to carry my own child and that I have to have faith that what ever is meant to be will be. The Little Couple lost their baby late last summer when their surrogate miscarried. They were devastated by the loss but they are willing to try again and our so positive about the process. They are also pursuing adoption as they work with their surrogate. They are such an inspiration to me... they have overcome so much and face more challenges than I can imagine. I admire them so much and wish them all the best in their journey.

Thank you Little Couple for reminding me how blessed I am and that during any journey I need to keep faith and be positive about the what ever outcome life deals me!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 Week Increments

TTC is such a journey and you live your life in 2 week increments. 2 weeks between the your period and the + on the OPK and then the 2 weeks between the IUI and the expected day of your period. It is awful, life during both of these two weeks are a roller coaster of emotions, hopes and dreams.

I did not blog during our last TWW because I was not sure about my feelings or wanting to document that time. I was excited to be able to try again, but sad that we were at this again. I had high hopes for that try considering they say you are very fertile after a miscarriage. Well, it was a no go for us and we are on to round 5 and some days I wonder if I will ever get pregnant. The Wifey is so positive about life and truly lives as the book the Secret describes and would be upset with me over this comment... me on the other hand... I tend to be more negative.

Yesterday, I went in to the RE's office to get my clomid... they want me to continue because they believe I respond to it. I am not sure if I agree but the Wifey is hesitant to try injectables. She does not want multiples and I really can't blame her... that would be overwhelming and really cause a financial burden on us. But I am desperate to get pregnant (maybe that's the problem). I turn 30 next month and have always wanted to have a child prior to turning 30. But this may not be in the cards for me. I truly hope I respond well to the clomid this month. I took it last night and maybe my mind is playing tricks with me, but I feel moody, exhausted and bloated. The hot flashes never went away from last months try.

I have an acupuncture appointment scheduled too for this next round... so my fingers and toes are crossed that I will get my BFP before my 30th birthday. Wish me luck!!!