Friday, March 11, 2011

TTC -- the begining

So, yesterday I went to my OBGYN annual physical... nothing exciting... it's over. On Wednesday, I discovered the my insurance will cover 50% of each IUI procedure. It is sooo much cheaper than going to a clinic locally (like a thousand dollars cheaper). So I was on cloud 9. Tried to talk to my partner about this and get serious... we've talked about it. And recently when I changed jobs and talked about moving  up in management she said to not stress especially if I wanted to have a kid.

Well, the talk turned into a tearful 2 days with her saying to do it last night. Well, I am as impatient as they come; but I respect her opinion and wishes. Plus, I want her to be apart of this process. So with the go ahead last night I called Kaiser this morning to see if they got my paperwork and they did. The nurse who evaluates the documents is out till Monday. Kaiser said I should here from them Monday or Tuesday and then start the blood work. Again, I am so impatient. One thing I think this process will teach me is to wait and be patient.

Good news is today, I found a bank that is 200 dollars cheaper than the original one I found. Need to do everything I can to keep costs down, in case it takes a multiple tries.

The bad news, I have way too much time to explore the Internet and read lesbian TTC blogs. So many of the blogs I've read talk about their journey taking years and lots of tries; in some case it takes IVF too. So part of me is scarred about how fertile I am and if my body will accept a baby. So, I need to stop reading so much and just think positive about this exciting new step in our lives.

I am going to buy a basal temp to record my daily temp to help monitor when I am most fertile this weekend as well as some OPK's. While my period has always been normal (I've never ever missed one or had an abnormal one) I think I may have to document my cycles for a few months before my first IUI.

Also, I am going to try and cut back on my caffeine intake and fatty foods. What I read said to eat more leafy green, foods high in folic acid and cut back on caffeine... good thing I do not drink or smoke. I think the hardest part will be the change in diet. But I want a baby so bad, so I know I can do this.

So here's to the start of TTC... the road to motherhood.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Road to Motherhood - the very begining (warning... maybe too much TMI)

We are at the very begining of the road to motherhood. We've talked about having a family for a few years and we said before I am 30 (okay well I said before I am 30). We have our names picked out and we talk a lot about when we become moms, but the process has not begun.

I explained the process to my partner... picture sex ed classes - okay, just kidding... but the way we have to concieve is very different from the way heterosexual couples will make their little bundle of joy. After a year of looking on the internet, I think I have found the bank I want to use. Now the question is, do we do IUI in a doctors office or try at home insemination first. Cost is a factor, but I do not want to waste money on at home insemination if my chances are better in an office.

So, Thursday I have my an OBGYN appointment... I've not had one in years!! I plan on talking with the nurse practictioner and getting the paper worked signed for the bank.

This is an exciting and scary process. I want a baby so bad and feel my biological clock ticking, but then I read way too much and see that some couples get preganant right away; while others spend years and lots of mula trying. Well, we do not have lots of mula and the thought of years is discouraging. But I have to remain positive and remember how blessed I am and that when the time is right we will get our child.

So begins the journey!!