Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is my story...

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. Since my last post we have had 2 more BFN's and we are currently on a break. Over the past year and half I have been reading blogs and comparing myself to the rest of you TTC and what I need to do is realize my story is different from everyone elses. We all have unique stories and they are all different.

Don't get me wrong I am struggling with my story. My heart is broken and I am having a hard time repairing it. I have lot's of anxiety and I worry that my story will never include a child. I need to work on being okay with my story. Today, I am going to go and talk to someone about my story and hopefully get some help -- I need to become okay with my story.

I am not sure what's in store for my future, but I do not believe we are done TTC. We are just on a short break. So while my blog is about our road to motherhood, my road is taking some different directions... I think my GPS is broken!! What I am trying to say is that if anyone reads my blog, please understand that I may post about other subjects for the next few months that are not related to TTC. My goal is to chronicle my road more often than I have been. Well see if I can.

Till next time... safe travels.

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