Thursday, May 17, 2012

BFN #6

So our guy did not get it done!! We got our BFN #6 on the 11th. I took a HPT in the morning and nothing - as white as white can be. Thank goodness I only bought one from the dollar store. I have been sad about the BFN and I am not sure why. I keep thinking about that November morning when we found out we were pregnant and how happy we were. I want that again and I want a baby to stick and grow. I feel very impatient!!! I also can not figure out how to turn off the weekly pregnancy updates I signed up for with Web MD and I am constantly getting reminders that I should be pregnant.

Okay, enough of the pitty party. We have ordered more sperm from the bank and we are still using clomid because I respond well and Wifey does not want multiples. We went back to our guy that got us pregnant -- so hopefully he can do it again??

This road to motherhood sure has taken me on some turns I never expected and seems to be taking a lot longer than I thought.

Well, here's to try number 7... I believe it is going to happen over the holiday weekend. I think May 26th. Man these TWW seem to be getting longer.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

6dpIUI - Random Post

I am feeling really random... here are some of my thoughts at 6dpiui

I have no clue what I feel or think about this try -- sometimes I feel at peace and then other moments I am anxious and freaking out. I know my lining was good and I had two good follicles, but this process is all about timing. Then I start thinking maybe we choose the wrong donor and he's just not getting the job done!

I want this so bad and sometimes it seems so unattainable.

Well, at this point I have the usual symptoms that I get each month when my mind plays tricks on me -- full filling breasts, constipation, bloat feeling and tiredness. Oh, the TWW is so much fun.

Tomorrow, we go in for our injectable class. Not sure if we are going to try them next month -- if we are having to try again. If we have to try again, we are going back to our donor that got me pregnant last November and since I did well on clomid -- 2 follicles is good right? Then we may try one more round with clomid.

Waiting and praying.