Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lucky but need advice...

Yesterday, wifey and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. I am sure you remember my post from August with a picture of my pretty ring... my love gave me the last bad needed to complete my ring and said it was an early anniversary present. I was over the moon with my present and did not expect any present on our actual celebration, but last night I came home to a clean house and other surprises. We first went to vote and took all the kids (2 furbabies + 1 foster furbaby) with us. After, we went out to dinner. When I got in the car my wifey had an anniversary song playing, made me a card (see picture below) and handed me a present. In the box was a picture of a custom license plate which she ordered for me and a cd. The cd had two beautiful songs on it that she said expressed her feelings to me. How sweet!! We drove to the restaurant hand in hand. After dinner we came home to more good news... Obama was re-elected!!! What a great evening and I am one lucky girl!!

While I am lucky in love, I have not been lucky in the TTC realm! I need advice... We have tried acupuncture, changed donors, but we've had no luck. I am a little overweight and love sweets. I also have hasimotos disease but it is controlled with medication (my TSH is about 2.5). I drink a cup of coffee a day and I love diet coke (trying to cut back again). During the first part of the year I had given up both, but we never got pregnant so in all the stress and frustration I fell off the wagon. I do not smoke or drink and all my tests appear normal. So why am I not getting pregnant??? Any advice. By the way, I can not change doctors/clinics... I have Kaiser and my insurance covers a lot of the cost of the IUIs and tests and we would not be able to afford a private office. Again, please leave a comment if you have any advice for me!!! Thanks!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Birth control and my weekend

Went to the doctors for clomid on Thursday and found out I still have a cyst on my left ovary. It did not shrink or grow... it's still 16 mm. Ughhh! The nurse practitioner (NP) suggested I try birth control this month to shrink it. I've never been on birth control but so far so good.

I was extremely upset when I heard the news. The NP said she did not understand why I was not getting pregnant... so heart breaking. I did a whole bunch of blood work in day 3 of my cycle (Friday) so we will see if the tests tell us anything. Part of me hopes we find something because I feel like we are beating our head against a wall without knowing why.

So, Thursday was disappointing but the weekend was fun! My mom came up and we did some Christmas decor shopping. Got some great stuff.

We also went and saw the Broadway musical Memphis. It was really good. Our next show is Peter Pan!

Today, wifey and I went out to breakfast, Costco (dog food only) and Joann's Fabric. While we were at Joann's I saw the blogger from In Pursuit of Giggles, but I was to shy to introduce myself. I felt a little star struck... their baby was so cute too!

Now we are watching football, dogs asleep, and enjoying this beautiful fall day!

Here are a few photos from the weekend.